Limited releases and one off batches are some of our favorite things to do here. In the summer of 2016, Nick, our fearless leader came in one day rambling on about how he wanted to do an everything bagel inspired chip. Some of us were skeptical, some of us were excited, but of course we sourced all the ingredients you'd find on such a thing and the experiment began. 

The team was split after the first round of test batches, it was either love or hate, which to us meant we might be onto something. We enjoy the polarization of intense flavors and profiles, queue the Red Wine Vinegar chip, so we were excited to see what the people thought. Fortunate for us, we had a local event coming up where we could sell and sample to new goods. Whenever we do a first run batch we actually have to season it all in house and hand pack the bags, weighing everything here at our shop, it's a labor of love. 

Thankfully it was a massive success, we sold out in no time at all! In the weeks and months following the event we received countless emails and messages asking where the Everything chips could be found. We were working hard in the background to get the bag design finished, pick the colors, and ensure we were using the best ingredients we could find. For a small company like us the bags and packaging is a massive undertaking so the final product took months to come to fruition. And now, almost after a year and a 1000 emails and requests we are happy to bring this back to you where ever our chips are sold!

The flavor of this chip is so unique, it's the only thing like it in the snack aisle, and we love that. It has a little heat, a deliciously savory shallot flavor, the boldness of caraway and all the background flavors of an Everything bagel. It's currently the favorite in the Hen of the Woods offices. We can't wait for you to try it!