Chile Con Queso

Do you guys make a spicy chip?

It was hard saying no to that question for the past year since we pulled our old spicy chip from the line up. We knew we wanted to make it again, but we wanted it to be better than before and offer something that other "spicy" chips didn't. We began playing with the recipe a in the fall of 2016, starting with ghost peppers, hatch peppers  and every other spicy pepper we could find. While the spice was there, the depth and balance that we aim for was not, so back to the drawing board we went.

We knew we wanted a creamy cheese flavor in the mix as well. We tried blue cheese, parmesan, cheddar and more. After sampling pounds of chips and dozens of powders we finally found our winner, a incredibly delicious cheddar powder from our neighboring state of Kentucky. Not only was the flavor there but the texture was right on point. 


Now that we had our cheese it was back to the heat element. Jalapenos offered the bright green pepper flavor we were looking for, but didn't offer the full rounded  flavor our other chips have so we started mixing in other notes. We took queues from a queso dip we'd made in the past, mixed in some red bell pepper, tomato, a dash of acidity and bumped up the creaminess by adding our buttermilk powder found in the Buttermilk& Chive chip. 


After a couple tweaks, salt, heat, acidity, we had finally made a blend we'd be happy to serve to all of you. We don't want to offer a chip that we don't think is the best in it's category and with this one we think you'll tend to agree with us. We are happy to bring the Chile Con Queso to you, our favorite people in the whole wide world. Enjoy them, and enjoy them often!