New Flavor Launch!

They're finally here. You may have seen the teasers or maybe even snagged a bag of the limited run, but if not, now it's official. We have beyond proud to release our two newest flavors, Chile Con Queso and Everything! These have been in the works for months, even years, so to finally see them roll of the line in production bags is quite satisfying. 

These two flavors are a direct result of you, our customer. Ever since we started you've asked for a spicy chip. We didn't want to rush it, we took our time, found the right ingredients, and produced something we're thrilled with. The Everything chip was the wild child of the summer of '16, we didn't expect the small batch to turn into anything but it quickly became a common subject line in email and messages from you all. We were blown away with the response and again, took our time, found the best ingredients, and produced something we feel is incredibly unique and worthy of our awesome fans.

Check out the other blog posts to learn more about the development of each one of the flavors and why we made them the way we did.

We would like to thank each and every one of you, our customers, for the support over the past year. You inspire us to create new and interesting snacks. We are proud to serve you Real Food, Rooted in Flavor.