The Kettle Chips

Much like the potatoes in these bags, Hen of the Woods was rooted Underground. We are a family run business founded in our Cincinnati Home. Today we are proud to make our home in Cincinnati's historic Over the Rhine. Food from the heart and soul is our passion, and our Kettle Chips are one way we spread the love. Our potatoes are cut thick, cooked until crispy, and seasoned with our well balanced and unique flavors.

We hope you enjoy them, and enjoy them often.

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Chile Con Queso
from 24.00

The Chile Con Queso is the cheesy and spicy option that many people have been asking for. We started with a delicious cheddar powder, added our favorite buttermilk powder and after much searching decided on a spicy yet well rounded jalapeno powder. We balanced this with tomato powder, malic acid, and our high grade of sea salt.

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